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We value being a relationship based company. We know and trust the people we work with. Together—we build futures.

You need specialized design and tech skills but don’t want to hire additional staff. Adjust Creative is a trusted partner that augments your team and delivers design that delights, converts, and grows your business.

Design & Tech Services

We’ve built, tested & packaged services that create immediate value for when you’re looking for new product innovation, rapid prototyping, strategic analysis or just some quick logo design. We match your objectives with your customer’s needs and move quickly.

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  • Customer & User Research
  • Content Strategy
  • Branding & Positioning
  • Experience Mapping


  • Mobile Applications
  • Interaction Design & UI
  • UX Audits
  • Illustration, Animation & 3D


  • Mobile App Development
  • Web Development
  • Systems & Data Integration
  • Technical Strategy

Our work

This section of brief case studies will give you a solid idea of what we've been up to.

Clean Energy Trust


The 2019 stats are in.

Adjust was brought onboard in 2018 to update the Clean Jobs Midwest annual survey materials including print & website design as well as social marketing campaign materials.

On the first iteration, we quickly outlined our approach and established a product roadmap to brand the property, push the aesthetic, hone the functionality, and implement the new data.

For this 2019 iteration, we've pushed the visual design even further to captivate the audience and inspire even more social activity than last year.

Green awareness

Using our research-based approach to design—we are helping Clean Energy Trust spread awareness about clean energy employment opportunities, growth, and industry trends in the midwestern United States.

Visit CleanJobsMidwest.com

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Edumotion: SEL Journeys


Culture + Emotional Learning + Dance

On a journey to get the kids learning & moving.

In partnership with Edumotion, we branded, defined, designed, and built a sustainable digital education platform from the ground up. SEL Journeys is a learning platform for K-5 grade teachers to get kids moving and engaged in SEL (Social Emotional Learning) & world culture—through dance.

Our goal was to funnel Edumotion's 10+ years of experience in dance instruction into a curriculum that gets kids blood pumping, teaches them about culture & themselves, and can help bring movement back to the classroom.

Check. Check. Check!

We're moving!

Our user experience & design team worked closely and iteratively with our Edumotion partners to get a modern, unique, and highly visual application that students would love to interact with.

We began Agile design & development sprint cycles, assessing direction and development throughout many iterations to get an MVP into the hands of select teachers for a beta release and then a full-scale rollout in the United States.

Visit Edumotion

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Midtown Athletic Club


Get fit. Get creative.

Adjust was brought in as a creative partner in early 2017.

Together with Midtown, we executed quite a few design challenges for their growing and ever-changing athletic club—including a major UX and user funnel flow assessment and redesign.

Less churn—more burn.

Using our research-based approach to design—we helped Midtown make some much needed improvements and spread awareness to both their existing as well as potential customers.

Visit Midtown.com

Learn more: UX / UI, Graphic Design & Full-stack development

Edumotion: SEL Journeys

TC Energy Group


Because our earth—and advertisers—need this.

In partnership with TC Energy Group, we helped strategize, prototype, and develop the electric vehicle charging stations pilot as a part of their Free Charging Network.

We paired the right technology components for the charging kiosk operation and develop a central cloud-based hub API for the network of chargers to be administered from. Hardware and software.

Onward and upward

Our research & technology team worked closely and iteratively with our TC Energy Group partners to get a stable and testable proof of concept that launched chargers in Los Angeles in early 2019.

As an ongoing partnership, we help strategize and produce technology for the future and scalability of a large charging station & advertising network.

We're very excited for the future with less pollution and more efficient energy usage. TC Energy Group is helping push that future forward.

Visit FreeChargingNetwork.com

Learn more: Internet of Things & Full-stack development



Like the oven, we cooked fast.

Adjust joined the Tovala team after a successful Kickstarter campaign that more than doubled the initial pledge to design the UX & UI of their oven control app.

We quickly outlined our approach and established a product roadmap to drive iterative white-boarding & feedback sessions.

To understand the capabilities of the “smart oven” and the business model, we dove into the technical capacity of the hardware and how its magic can be translated to a smartphone.

A smart product.

Using our experience of user patterns for iOS and Android, we designed a streamlined UI that consistently integrates the brand and focuses on modern user patterns in mobile e-commerce service design, hardware-to-smartphone interaction and community-based platforms.

Get a TovalaLearn more: UX / UI design


The Entertainment Institute


If we build it, they will inspire.

Together with The Entertainment Institute, we re-branded the company and created an incredible education & communication platform that helps artists be closer to their fans while keeping up with their demanding lifestyles with a year-round destination for the communities to thrive and interact in real-time with video chat & modern social features.

The assumption was that bringing together like-minded individuals from around the globe would enable those individuals to unite around a much greater cause and inspire personal growth through education.

That assumption was correct.

Validate, prototype and execute.

Our user experience & design team worked closely and iteratively with the TEI stakeholders.

We began Agile design & development sprint cycles, assessing direction and development throughout 10 iterations to build what was needed to facilitate meaningful conversations while helping artists monetize content for their communities.

TEI launched a limited public beta in September 2016 and went along with the Vans Warped Tour until it's final run in 2018.

More about TEI

Learn more: full-stack design & development



The complexity of Health IT

HIMSS enlisted Adjust Creative to architect a new platform for 4 different content databases that host consolidated information about Meaningful Use & Patient Engagement alongside proprietary HIMSS value based content. The content would then be presented with a hybrid of both conceptual and straightforward user experience methods.

Adjust conducted exhaustive research with potential users to determine goals for accessing these types of content.

We employed a solution architecture method to define a common taxonomy and model to use throughout the platform, and the greater HIMSS web properties.

With the HIMSS Health IT Value Suite, we got to not only flex our architectural muscles, but our design and full-stack development skills as well.

Incredible Results

The Value Suite was praised at the leadership level of the HIMSS and during a McKinsey audit was identified one of a few key pillars to build upon. Analytics provides backup in the form of data to these opinions—the Value Suite has astronomically higher statistics when compared to the rest of himss.org and industry averages.

Because of it’s unique and immersive user interface design, the stakeholders asked us to port the application for use on interactive kiosks for HIMSS 2015 Conference and on a giant touch screen at the HIMSS Innovation Center in Cleveland, Ohio.

More about HIMSS

Learn more: Immersive UX & Solutions Architecture

Digital Divas

Digital Divas

STEAM Education for Young Girls

Fresh User Experience

Adjust was brought on to design a fresh user experience for the Digital Divas learning platform. The platform serves as a tool for after school STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) curriculum geared toward middle school girls. The Digital Divas is a division of DePaul's Digital Youth Network that focuses on exposing girls to "nontraditional" learning pathways, encouraging them to explore STEM skills, challenge stereotypes, and continue to explore these subjects in high school and beyond.

Through user interviews and observations of students and mentors, we defined a core set of features that would support a blended learning environment. We then designed a UI that supports the Diva’s lively playful aesthetic, featuring the badge system and other game-like elements. Adjust worked in tandem with the Digital Youth Network to create the component based interface through an agile development process.


Before Adjust was engaged, the user interface was overly complex and presented disjointed information architecture. During the UX design and development iterations, we focused on streamlining the workflow and cultivating a content delivery platform that was simple and fun.

Adjust jumped into a very fast-paced iterative development process and was able to get up-to-speed while still modifying the design based on prioritization in order to deliver the platform for a summer pilot of the program.

Adjust delivered well-researched, thoroughly tested designs as well as augmented the development team to help bring those designs to life.

More about Digital Divas

Learn more: full-stack design & development

Peruse Design News


Our fav design blogs in a slick app

Peruse is our simple, but elegant mobile app, built to read design industry news from our favorite blogs, including: Awwwards, Invision, CreativeBloq, UX Booth, Designmondo, UX Movement, Dribbble, Smashing Magazine, Fast co.Design and our Adjust Creative Medium blog.

We wanted to get to know the technology React Native, so, we did.

Download our app and keep up with the design industry!

iOS Android

Learn more: React for Web & Mobile builds


Creative Leaders

Our expertise is in designing digital products for mobile and web platforms.
But our creative pursuits have also led us to design events, workshops, and art installations.

Christopher Smith

Creative & Technology

Chris has 15+ years of experience in design, programming and mentorship. He has produced award winning work for clients like Disney, Porsche, Fox, Activision, Sony, Allstate, USAA, Warner Bros, and more.

Mike Carpenter

Product Management & User Experience

Mike has 10+ years of experience in leading teams, design, and marketing - adapting our consulting practice to best serve our clients in an ever-changing market. He leads up our product design and research efforts to produce both insights and outcomes. As a facilitator of workshops and board member of 2 youth services nonprofits, he aims to educate and learn from others in equal amounts.



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